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Holly king and oak king

Of Holly and Oak

The Holy King was crowned and armed and ready for the duel
He blacked the sun out of the sky and the stars were twinkling cruel
The Solstice tells a story of this King upon his steed
How the darkest night of all the year would see the Holly Bleed

The Oak King came to challenge him where the greenwood trees stood tall
There to clash their swords until the wounded one should fall
They fought there for the Kingship and a maiden wise and fair
The ever changing Goddess, eternal in her care.

The Oak King ruled the days of light, his symbol was the Sun
His hair was golden, bright and wild his cheeks were red as rum
The Holy King was King of Night, his beauty thus was dark
Hair of ebony, sleek and long, his smile of ice was stark.

“Dark, the night, I call you forth, if you would dare to come
I cannot die tonight I know, my Reign has just begun.”
The Holly King came forth as bid and smiled with humour lost
“You cannot reign forever though, for death will be the cost.”

The Oak King looked into the sky, the moon was gazing down
She looked upon the both of them with silent heavy frown
As valiantly they gave their duel, with honour fair and true
Until the sun climbed to the sky with daring golden hue

The Oak King struck with force of day, straight to the dark Kings heart
And the dying of the darkest Night tore winter’s hold apart
As the wounded one fell to his death the light began to grow
And the crown upon the Oak Kings brow began to burn and glow

“My Reign has come my Holly King, your time is nigh to end
For the days now lengthen fast from here with the strength I have to lend”
And the Holly King he faded fast, his blood upon the floor
As the Goddess held the oak King long, his heart was dying sore

So though the night is dark and drear and Yule tide cold as ice
Remember light is coming back, warm as wine with spice
The Holly and The Oak King will always meet to Duel
When the wheel has turned full circle it will once again be Yule

So merry is the Darkest Night, and Merry warm your life
Our world will turn in cycles bringing joy as well as strife
All things will pass and be reborn, the seasons tell us well
Remember in the darkest night, the King of darkness fell

И собственно сами братья. Король Дуб и Король Остролист ищут дом
цена вопроса 7000 если вдвоем по 4000 если по отдельности


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